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Kopie van de inhoudsopgave OpenSAP, een cursus (in het Engels) waar je na inschrijving gratis aan kan deelnemen (

Welcome to Week 1

Dear learners,
welcome to the first week of From Media Computation to Data Science. Together, we want to take a first glance at the bright side of Computer Science by introducing different forms of media and Examine – The Building Blocks of Media.
  • Unit 1: Look Back – A Photographic Time Machine
  • Unit 2: Raise Your Voice - The One Person Chorus
  • Unit 3: Write Down - An Infinite Run-On Sentence
  • Unit 4: Take Note - Scoring with Music
  • Unit 5: Show Up - The Enchanted Mirror

Welcome to Week 2

Dear learners,
we hope you enjoyed the first week of From Media Computation to Data Science and welcome you to week 2. The topic for this week is Enumerate - Numbers Are Everywhere. We take a closer look at the numbers that make up digital media. Here are the units you can look forward to:
  • Unit 1: Point Out - Becoming a Painting
  • Unit 2: True Colors - Drawing Texts and Sounds
  • Unit 3: On the Same Wavelength - Analyzing Sounds
  • Unit 4: The Sound of Numbers - Sound-Synthesis
  • Unit 5: Grade by Grade - Working with RGB Colors

Welcome to Week 3

Dear learners,
it’s week 3 already! The topic for this week is Transform - Higher Order Functions. Here are the units you can look forward to:
  • Unit 0: One Ring to Rule Them All
  • Unit 1: Keep a Secret - Creating a Cipher Language
  • Unit 2: Make It Short - Map, Keep, Combine
  • Unit 3: Sounds Interesting - Experimenting with Audio Effects
  • Unit 4: Pixel Art - Inventing Graphic Effects for Images
  • Unit 5: CGI - Applying Your Effect on Live Videos

Welcome to Week 4

Dear learners,
welcome to week 4! We hope you liked our selection of projects and learned a lot so far. We’re continuing this week with Transfer - It's All Just Data. Here are the units you can look forward to in our final week:
  • Unit 1: The Big Picture - Accessing Datasets
  • Unit 2: Needles and Haystacks - Finding, Filtering, and Sorting Data
  • Unit 3: Divide and Conquer - Grouping Data
  • Unit 4: Thrilling Plot - Visualizing Frequency Distributions
  • Unit 5: Informed Guess - Decrypting Secrets
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